Monday, November 26, 2007

From the Top Down

Today I received my monthly alumni newsletter from The University of Southern Mississippi. Because I am in PA, I enjoy reading about all of the things going on at Southern Miss (I really do hope to return one of these days). The University has a new president, a female and an alumna. The president’s message was available in the email I received, along with an invitation to read the president’s blog, ( and so I did. Each entry was a short update about what the president is doing, or what is happening at Southern Miss. You can check it out at

I really began to think about how this blog was a great way to let the community know what is happening, and wouldn’t it be great if I could get our Superintendent to begin a blog about the York Suburban School District. So many “big” things are happening in the district--CELT group’s technology consultation, elementary housing project, budgeting, etc. This would provide Dr. Kate with a way to reach out to the community. If I can get her to start a blog, then maybe each of the Asst. Superintendents could start one, and then each building principal, and then the teachers, and then the students.

However, the key is getting it to work from the top down. If this is the kind of “technology integration” we want our teachers and students to be using, then it has to be important enough for our leaders to be doing it on a regular basis.

I’m going to meet with the Superintendent and bounce the idea off of her. Wish me luck…who knows, my next post could be the URL for Dr. Kate’s blog.

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Cathy Nelson said...

Greetings and Merry Christmas! Thanks for suggesting the hand held brand. Am wondering if know a ballpark figure before I investigate further.

PS--Why do you force commenters to have a blogger acct or select anonymous. There is another setting so if we have a blog elsewhere we don't have to be anonymous. I have had a blog here before, so I do have a blogger account, but as you already know since you commented, I now host over on edublog's site.

Nice blog by the way--plan to add to my reader.